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Welcome to Tesoro Art India!

Your new home for affordable and commissioned art.

Fresh from the Studio

Our latest art collections, fresh from the Tesoro Art Studio!





Original Art

All our work is hand painted and created specially for the client.

Commissioned Work

We undertake commissioned work keeping in mind your budget, space and colour palette requirements.

Shipping Worldwide

We are based out of Delhi but ship out artworks worldwide.

Aesthetic & affordable

Inspiration is everywhere. There is no price tag on what might inspire us. Art needs to be affordable if the purpose of it is to spread joy and inspire. The chain of creativity mustn’t break.

- Founder, Tesoro Art India


Ideas and creativity inspire us. We are seeking that inspiration all the time. If you are stuck about what you may want for your space, check out our moodboard images.



Art for every Wall

We believe that art should be for everyone. Get in touch with us, no matter your budget or space constraints. Ask us to arrange a free video call to consult you on what artwork your space needs.

"Art is alive. Touch a texture on a painting with your bare fingers. Look closely at the thin layer of skin on a watercolour. You will feel them breathing."

- Founder, Tesoro Art India